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About Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts

About Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts


Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts was formed in 1994. Raised within a trail riding business I grew up in the outdoors since the age of 5. Having guided sheep, caribou, elk, goat and moose hunters in the NWT and BC for 25 years, I was living the dream. Meeting all these clients it was easy to make the decision to form my own company and begin guiding whitetail, Mule Deer, Bear, Wolf and coyote hunts in our home province of Alberta Canada. The transition was easy having formed bonds with clients all over the world. I have had the distinct pleasure of guiding hunters in Tajikistan, Kamchatka, Mexico, and USA. In 2011 I was awarded the G.C.F. Dalziel Outstanding Guide Award at the National Wild Sheep Foundation in Reno Nevada. Being a Summit Life Member of the WSF, this award was held in the highest regard to me.

Married in 1999 to Tonya we have two beautiful daughters Brooke and Cali. DDWH is a full-time outfit which means we need your success for our success. We boast an 80% overall return clientele rate for a reason! Join us for a fun, safe, successful adventure in Alberta! We look forward to hearing from you!!