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We have guided many successful whitetail deer & mule deer hunts, black bear hunts, wolf and coyote hunts over the years. Be sure to read what our hunters had to say about their experiences with Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts.

Dr. Jim Wilson, Registered Maine Guide
I have now hunted with Jeremy 5 times for whitetail and mule deer, using both bow and rifle.  He is as hard working an outfitter as you will ever meet.  His effort in pre-scouting and then getting you on quality animals is phenomenal.  He knows his territory like the back of his hand, knows exactly where animals will be naturally traveling or heading after being located, and is very hands-on.  His concern over stand approach, scent control, and prevailing winds is obsessive and compulsive - EXACTLY what it takes to be successful for the hunter.  He will only hunt specific stands when all of the conditions are right.  On one particular hunt for only 2 of us in bow season, he had 16 stands set so all possibilities would be covered for wind conditions, time of day, and animal species. A ton of work !

On top of all this, I have seen first-hand that Jeremy is a talented woodsman, a wonderful husband and father, and someone that you simply don't want to disappoint as your guide as he tries so damn hard for your success.  His attitude is excellent, and he will work with you to see your dream hunt come true.  Because of his ethics and skill, he sets an awesome example.  You cannot go wrong with him.  I have hunted all across North America, and I can honestly say that Jeremy is a shining star and my favorite guide. I hope to be hunting at his side for many years to come.

Ray Huang CA. USA
Jeremy and the crew at DDWH were awesome. These guys know what they're doing! They believe in providing a good quality animal with proper management. The crew was very accommodating and super friendly. Oh and the food! The camp cook can make a gourmet meal out of anything. I thought a week in the woods will help this fat man lose some weight... Well, I thought wrong. I highly recommend Jeremy Hatala and the DDWH crew.
Kevin Sawyer ME USA
This was my first guided hunt ever and I really did not know what to expect. I was told by a fellow hunter and friend “ that encouraged and accompanied  me  on this trip” that Jeremy was the hardest working guide that he knew. After my first day in camp,  I knew exactly what Jeremy expected and what I could expect from him. With deep snow mounting Jeremy worked extremely hard getting his hunters into places that others would have given up on. I went into this hunt hoping for either a B & C or something very unique. As you can see by the photo it was the latter, and I knew the second I laid eyes on this buck I was going to take him home. I cannot thank Jeremy enough for a great experience and cannot wait to hunt with him again.
Kevin Yonkura PA. USA
I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone for making my brothers and my trip so enjoyable. I cannot say enough about the way everything was handled from the initial inquiry to the return to the airport after a successful trip. I look forward to coming back and hunting with you again, maybe next time with the bow since my buck was taken in bow range!
Dennis McLean TX USA
I have hunted with Jeremy and his crew several times, and while all hunts don’t turn out as you would like, it’s never been from lack of knowledge, commitment and effort of DDWH.  I have enjoyed every hunt and never been disappointed.  Looking forward to returning North for my next hunt this year and for as many more as the good Lord allows me.
Judy McLean TX USA
Thank you again for the many memorable hunts I have had DDWH, not only the trophies I have harvested, but the opportunity to enjoy the animal behavior and activity that your hunts have provided.  Your proven expertise in the field and determination to satisfy each clients experience is second to none; it is this commitment that provides such high quality hunts.  Guides Trevor and Franck have shown knowledge and ethics that are unsurpassed, and Gwen’s talent in the kitchen with awesome meals loved by all.  This sums up why I have and will be returning again and again to hunt with DDWH.
Steve Oates - Klamath Falls, OR USA
I bow hunted with Jeremy for the first time this last October (2013). My goal was to shoot a P&Y buck, 125 inches or better....and did I! During the course of my 6 day hunt, I passed on several bucks and had a couple of great encounters with bigger deer. Then on the 5th evening it all came together. This 151 inch 8-pointer appeared like a ghost with just minutes of shooting light remaining and my dream of harvesting a really good whitetail buck had been realized. Jeremy really knows these deer, his outdoor skills are awesome and the private property he hunts is close by. Can't wait to come back and do it all again. The hunters' quarters at Jeremy's lodge are roomy, comfortable and the food tasty and plentiful. And breaking bread with Jeremy's family was a delightful add on. I would recommend Jeremy to anyone who is interested in a true Alberta hunt.......he's the man!!!
Mark Tedesco - Watertown, Connecticut
Let's get right down to it….if you want bears in a gene pool that produces monster bears - then bar none….Jeremy's camp is it! Be ready for lots of quad-running and be ready for multiple bear action. The time goes by fast when you have 5 bears on bait! Just put me in front of monster bruins and that's what the big guy did - every afternoon hunt had nonstop action!! Take it from me - a bowhunter/professional videographer who has been to over 50 bear camps, with over 25 bears harvested…..i can honestly say that i have tried the rest… i know i have hunted with the best!
Neil Thagard Wild Sheep Foundation Cody, Wyoming
In the spring of 2008 I had the opportunity to hunt black bears in the Boreal Forest Region of Alberta, Canada with Jeremy Hatala and Double Diamond Wilderness Trails Outfitters. Having become friends with Jeremy through my work in wildlife conservation, I decided it was time to go and hunt with him. Jeremy is a good supporter of wildlife conservation fundraising efforts so it only made sense that I hunt with someone that believes in working for the betterment of wildlife - plus, he has one heck of a track record for taking big bruins! Everyone saw lots of bears with some dandy's taken. As for myself, I took two large mature males with one squaring 6'10" and the other 6'7". The weather was fantastic with highs near 75 degrees Fahrenheit - perfect for bear hunting. I look forward to returning to Jeremy's camp for more bear adventures in the near future.

Marty Herman from Carnegie, PA
I first teamed up with Jeremy on a BC sheep hunt in 2004. I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks hunting Stone Sheep, Elk and Moose with Jeremy. Successfully I might add! I was nothing but impressed with his knowledge of game and dedication to making my hunt as enjoyable as possible. His profesional approach to all aspects of the hunt made for an exciting and memorable experience. During this time time I learned of his own operation in Alberta and the possibility of 2 openings in 2005. Without hesitation I told him I would take both slots if they were offered and that led to another successful archery deer hunt in 2005. Even with the un-usually high temperatures that kept the big boys in their beds, Jeremy was able to get me on 2 shooter bucks, I was able to get the job done on a nice 140 class buck. When jeremy tells you he personally attends to each hunt (hunter) you can be assurred he means it. I highly recommend Double Diamond for any and all hunts Jeremy offers.
Henry Cannon from Jacksonville, Florida
Have hunted with Jeremy Hatala for 5 years. I have hunted whitetail, coyotes and sheep with Jeremy. I have always had a great hunt. I would recommend Jeremy and his outfit to anyone. Jeremy will work hard to get you the animal you came to get. He makes sure you are getting what you paid for. I took a nice drop-tine deer in 2005, and the 2004 season i took a 174 class whitetail. My wife has been very pleased with Jeremy also and has had a great time at his place. We both have done well and we are looking forward to our next hunt with Jeremy, in 2007.we both have no problem with recommending anyone to hunt with them. We have always seen plenty of deer, and have turned down a few looking for the bigger one and did not regret it. Also, Jeremy is not a bad cook but let's face it his wife does better.
Barbara Cannon from Jacksonville, Florida
I have hunted with Jeremy at Double Diamond Wilderness Trails for 4 years and had 4 years of great hunts. Each time I have taken a nice whitetail. 2005, I took a 165 class whitetail and a 180 class mule deer. Jeremy is a lot of fun to hunt with, but is also very serious on getting you your deer. I would recommend Jeremy highly too anyone. His outfit is top notch and he will make sure that your hunt is exceptional. Jeremy will put 100 percent into your hunt. His number one goal is to get you your deer. The food is great and I look forward to many more years of hunting with Jeremy. I have also hunted black bears with Jeremy. I killed a 6'9" black bear. I had a great hunt and had a great time in bear camp. I saw 5 bears and killed out on the second day of the hunt. The friends that went with me killed out a day or so later. We still talk about it all the time. You can't go wrong with Double Diamond Wilderness Trails and Jeremy Hatala.
Jay Stearns from Pelham, NH
I've hunted with many outfitters over the last 15 years in the US & CA. A few years back I finally found an Outfitter who had what I was looking for, an honest fair chase hunting experience with a high success rate on trophy animals. While hunting with an outfitter in BC in 98' I met Jeremy who had an outfitting business of his own. After talking with Jeremy over the course of the hunt (he was not my guide but was always helping other hunters & guides in camp) it was obvious he knew his business. My father and I booked a whitetail hunt the following year with Jeremy, and since that hunt we have not hunted with anyone else. Every hunt has been a great experience. I've taken black bear (1 color phase), huge whitetail & mule deer, 2 beautiful wolves (white and classic grey) and I am headed back this fall. But I'm ticked off, as more and more of you find out what I know, its becoming harder to book a hunt given the limited openings Jeremy has to maintain the quality of his hunts.
Mark Demchuk from Calgary, AB CAN
Jeremy is without a doubt the hardest working guide/outfitter I have ever had the pleasure to hunt with. He knows bear hunting and during my hunt all 4 hunters in camp had multiple opportunities over the week to harvest a beautiful northern Alberta spring bear from his excellent tree stand setups. The wall-tent camp was well-equipped including hot showers and the food was plentiful and first-rate. I would not hesitate to recommend Double Diamond for our Alberta bear experience. In fact, I might see you in the spring of 2007 when I will be hunting with Jeremy again.
Jonathan Roark from Aledo, Texas
I had been looking for one outfitter to fill all my Canadian hunting needs for several years and then by a stroke of faith I found Jeremy at Double Diamond. I have hunted exclusively with Jeremy for the past 5 years and I will only hunt with Jeremy until I just can't hunt anymore. We have hunted whitetail, mule deer, moose,bear and coyote and each hunt was outstanding. I have seen more monster whitetails than most folks see in a lifetime. Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable on all these animals he understands their habits and patterns. He is a professional in every sense of the word. His bear camp is outstanding and the food is better than anything you will ever get at grandma's house. Bottom line is this- if you are tired of spending your hard earned money on outfitters who just see you as a paycheck and don't deliever good service or good hunting call Jeremy at Double Diamond. Once you hunt with Jeremy you will not need to look anywhere else.
Carl Ackerman, Maxville, Florida
My first hunt with Jeremy came in 2002 as a result of a cancellation. On day one, just after daylight I harvested my spectacular 155" 10 point a perfect buck, and to boot on the last day we stumbled into a 158' mule deer buck. And yes I too have been back every year since. I hunted hard this past season trying to reach the almighty 170"mark. The 2006 season was very cold with lot's of snow, as many of you may remember. We hunted 10 days hard, In All I passed on 7 bucks between 145" and 155" 3 of which were solid 155" or better bucks. I can't remember ever having a better hunt, the comraderie food and company of the other hunters and to hunt and enjoy so many great whitetails was elating. "Just think of those 150" bucks and their horn growth this year." See ya in camp!

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