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Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts Trip Planner

Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts Trip Planner

Athabasca River/Birch Mountains Bear Camp

Join us on a 6 day black bear hunt along the famous Athabasca River in WMU 531 bordering the Wood Buffalo National Park. We hunt bait sites that consistently produce large mature bears. With no local hunting pressure and solid trophy management you will have excellent opportunities to harvest mature boars. With only four hunters in camp per week, clients can expect to see 30 to 40 bears each. With us, P&Y bears or larger is the rule rather than the exception.

With a high density of black bears each hunter is permitted to harvest two bears. Stands are set up 15 to 20 yards from the bait site maximizing shot opportunity for archery, crossbow, muzzle loader or rifle hunters. Stands are well built 2x4 ladders standing 12’, with a big game XL tree stand with toe kick. Our proven measuring system makes it easy to judge bears and our bait set up ensures a quality shot. Camps consist of premium wall tents with wood heat, cots and foamies. A large kitchen tent with wood floors, a full time cook and solid home cooking. Also available are showers, outhouse and shooting range.

If you are looking to harvest a trophy bear, book your next black bear hunting trip with us and don’t forget wolves are always a free add on with a $30 CAD license. Clients arrive in Fort McMurray Alberta the Saturday before their hunt and are picked up Sunday at the hotel, returning the following Sunday for an afternoon flight. We personally guarantee we will show you a bear at 20 yards or you will be brought back at no charge!

Ells River Bear Camp

We are excited to announce that we have purchased a second bear hunting area that coincides perfectly with our existing outfit. The area takes in the Ells River drainage and Birch Mountain Wildland Park. Hunted very little over the past 12 years, we simply expect giant bears. We will be booking these hunts starting spring 2019 for the 2020 season. 2019 will be the discovery and development stage so that we are 100% ready for our clients in spring 2020. If you want in at the ground level for the opener just contact us and get on the list so we can let you know when we are accepting deposits on our Ells River camp. Expect the same high success and quality hunts of our other operations. This camp will be run and operated by good friend, past client, and now partner (In this camp) Trevor Evans of Bluffton Alberta.

We look forward to making your black bear hunting adventure a reality.

Whitetail, Mule Deer & Coyote Hunts:

Edmonton International Airport is the hub for these adventures. All of our whitetail, mule deer and coyote hunts are conducted in WMU's 224 and 332. The hunting lodge is located on the western edge of WMU 224 in the heart of game rich country with all the comforts of home including a fulltime cook preparing quality homecooked meals. Whether your searching for that heavy horned big bodied whitetail deer, the massive mule deer with deep forks or non stop coyote action, it is here that we put it all together for your Alberta adventure!

Winter Wolf Hunting

Winter wolf hunts are conducted in Northeastern Alberta in mid to late February. Clients fly into Fort McMurray where we pick you up and head to camp. Camp is an oil field lodge with all amenities which is necessary with the extreme weather at this time of year. Hunters are delivered to heated ground blinds using snow machines where they sit for the day. Bait is used at a distance of 200 yards and we recommend a 25 cal. or larger rifle that you shoot well. Not for the week of heart this is a mentally challenging hunt where patience is key. When the howling starts and the hair stands up on the back of your neck, take a deep breath and prepare for the shot on one of North Americas most elusive animals. There is no limit on the amount of wolves you can take, so keep shooting!


Please email us or call at 403-357-4499 for a current price list with references

  • A 50% DEPOSIT is required to hold your hunt and is non-refundable.
  • Hunt balance must be paid 60 days prior to hunt start date.
  • Personal checks are fine for deposits and final payments.
  • 5% Government Sales Tax for US clients & 5% GST for Canadian clients will be added to hunt prices.
  • All license costs are extra.

Refund Policy - Deposits will be 100% refunded or forwarded to the following year due to personal medical emergencies or acts of god. For all other cancellations, if 90 days notice is given we will forward the hunt to the next year, if under 90 days Double Diamond Wilderness Hunts reserves the right to keep the deposit or forward to the following year, if we or you can find a replacement.

Contract - A contract detailing the agreed upon hunt terms will be emailed to you to be completed and mailed back along with deposit.


If you are coming on a rifle hunt then you will need a firearms declaration form to clear your rifle through customs. You will need to complete the form online by clicking on the following link. Be sure to read all instructions and do not sign it until you are with the customs official! There is a $30 CAD payment at the border to process this form. If you have another hunt planned in Alberta in the same year you can only shoot one animal of each species per year.

Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Part 1

Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Part 2

Buy Your Alberta Hunting License


It is your responsibility to make sure you will not be refused entry into Canada. Refusal of entry by Canada Customs and Immigration is not sufficient reason for a refund. If you've ever had any criminal charges, even a D.U.I., you might have difficulty entering Canada and may need to clear it up months beforehand. Canada Border Crossing Services is available to answer any questions you may have. Passports are required to enter Canada.

Canada Border Crossing Services Website


W.I.N is simply a permanent number received in advance, to help speed up the licensing process here in Alberta. Only return clients who have hunted Alberta during the fall of 1998 or later will have this new number already. If you have a WIN # be sure to bring your card or have the number written down. If you do not have a current WIN # or have never hunted Alberta before you now need to complete this process before arrival at the link below.

Apply online for your W.I.N number